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In general:
Hobby photographer who has shot pictures since the fall of 2009 - Amateuer - First with my Nikon D80, then since summer 2010 with my Nikon D300s. I started this blog October 26th 2009 when I attended my first photography course. The reason why I started this photo-blog is trying to become a better photographer. Therefore I appreciate and ask for your constructive feedback. I've added some fantastic blogs that I follow daily or regularly. I find much inspiration and motivation by looking at other bloggers work. The more I see and observe, the more I understand how little I really can about photography ... I will be glad for comments and for all who sign up as followers of my blog.

This weekend I'll get married - The date is: 10.10.10

Today I've been blogging for a year. I have been faithful and published at least one picture every day. For me, this has been a project, to see my own development as an amateur photographer. Now the project is finished, but I'm still going to publish pictures, but not necessarily every day ...

Thanks to all who have given me motivation and inspiration by sharing your work in your blogs

Today this blog received it's follower nr. 300 - Congratulations to Scurtu Alex !!!

On this last day of 2010, I want to thank you all for the motivation and inspiration I received from your blogs, not to mention feedback on my pictures from many of you. Looking forward to 2011 and hope to share many memories with you all. Tommy

Victoria Eugenia became follower number 500 to this blog - Congratulations !!!!!

Encarna Rosal became my first "Guest Blogger"

João Ludugero became follower number 600 to my blog, today - Thank you and welcome

Paulo Camacho became follower number 700 - Thank you and welcome

Orvokki registered as follower number 900 - Congratulations and welcome


  1. Hello Tommy, thank you for the follow, I am following back.

    Have a good day! Regards

  2. Tommy,

    Your photography is getting better and better each time I visit. It is hard to know you just started when your photography is excellent.


  3. Thanks to you Raymonde and Joanny. I really like to follow your work as well. By looking at other blogs, I find inspiration and motivation to take more and different pictures.

    Joanny: You give me 'performance anxiety' - hehe

  4. Wow... I really love photos... thanks for following and for the comment...
    I Your blog is awesome... beautiful photos...
    I love it... Have a blessed day!!!

    Sr. Sheena

  5. Thank you Sister Sheena, for kind words. Have a nice day, and God Bless

  6. I feel flattered to appreciate my work .. and you have wonderful pictures! maybe one day I can visit your country and we can take some photos;)

  7. FuiFTSantos: Then I hope you can come soon. Untill then we can inspire each other by showing pictures on our blogs

  8. Tommy!

    Gratulerer så mye med den store dagen på søndag. Håper den blir den beste...
    Nyt dagen og hverandre...


  9. Nora Fossum: Tusen takk for hilsen - Vi skal pynte og gjøre alt klart allerede i dag, i morgen skal vi bare kose oss og forsøke slappe av.


  10. Gleder meg til å se bilder og høre om dagen når du er tilbake på plass til uken...

  11. Thank you very much for your kind comment in my blog, ..., as you I´m an amateur that love this art... , I´ve done a quick review of your blog and I´ve found very interesting things on it, I´ll turn back to follow your work too.
    By the way, I don´t know how it sounds in Norwegian, but in Spain, on weddings ,we say: - "Vivan los novios!" (something like: Long live the newlyweds!)...

  12. Seriøst (!!!) Å, så glad jeg er for at jeg så det, akkurat nå :) Beste lykkeønskninger og deilig dag! Skulle gjerne giftet meg hver eneste dag, jeg...

  13. thanks a lot mate for your visit and interest on my blog, you have wonderfull photos as well here... Congratulations on your marriage! All the best!

  14. VallenTino: Thank you for nice words. I wish you lots of inspiration to take beautiful photos this fall and winter. I'll be following you my new friend

  15. Hi Tommy!

    Very nice blog and interesting photos. I will be often your guest.


  16. Thank you Orston. It will be interesting for me to follow your work as well.

  17. Your blog is awesome, here I saw many beautiful pictures; it is one of my favourites. Keep up the good work!!!!


  18. Lucian: What a nice thing to say. You made my day.


  19. Hello Tommy, thank you for the follow. Welcome!

  20. Tes photos sont magnifiques et sortent de l'ordinaire. Tu es un photographe talentueux, mais aussi un metteur en scène.

  21. Richard Moisan: Merci pour les paroles aimables - ils chauffent un amateur fait du mieux qu'il peut

  22. Tommy, mi buen amigo, GRACIAS por pararse en mi rincón...y soy premiado porque le guste...Cuando yo estudiaba los clásicos y aprendía, me daba cuenta cuánto me quedaba por aprender, como vd. comenta...y ahora me considero aprendiz y siempre gozo sorpendiéndome de que guste lo mío...Vd. tiene talento artístico, lo ve y lo vive y luego lo trasmite...ES PRECIOSO TODO...
    Un abrazo.

  23. Francisco Novo Alaminos: No puedo español, pero el uso de Google Translate y decir gracias por tus comentarios. Ojalá y todos los otros bloggers un Feliz Año Nuevo 2011 - No puedo esperar a ver lo que sucede en el mundo de los blogs por venir

  24. Heisann.

    Fant ikke helt ut hvor jeg skulle kontakte deg så gjør det her jeg.
    Kunne godt tenke meg å være med på den gjestebloggen din jeg :-)

  25. Atle: Så hyggelig - jeg har sendt deg en mail allerede


  26. Hola

    Me llamo Cristina soy administradora de un directorio web/blog. Tengo que decir que me ha gustado su página y le felicito por hacer un buen trabajo. Por ello, me encantaría contar con tu sitio en mi directorio, consiguiendo que mis visitantes entren también en su web.

    Si estás de acuerdo. Házmelo saber a cristina.cister@hotmail.com

    Suerte con tu web! :)

  27. Vanvittig mange flotte bilder du har på loggen din!

    Hilsen amatørfotograf Svein-Magne Tunli fra Bergen

  28. Your photos are really nice. I can see the improvement in photos. Waiting for your new photos:)

  29. Your photos are really nice. I can see the improvement in photos. Waiting for your new photos:)


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